How Do You Ask For Silent Auction Donations?

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1 Answer

A silent auction can be an excellent way to raise money for an organization or an event. In a silent auction, items are donated from businesses and individuals. These items are then placed on a table for others to view. Bids are made by writing down a number and placing it in a container that rests next to that particular item. The most important part of the silent auction is acquiring the items that will be bid on. Here are some tips for asking for those donations. Call or speak in person with friend and relatives about donating small items to your silent auction. Explain to these people that you're simply looking for anything that they can give up and that won't cost them anything. Used furniture that is in good-to-great condition, such as a table or TV stand, would make an excellent donation to your silent auction. Airline miles are another popular donation made by individuals. Visit any companies that you do business with and ask them for donations to your silent auction. Only ... more
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