How Do You Assemble A Shelf Without Hardware?

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1 Answer

Easy-to-assemble shelving units that do not require hardware are convenient, free-standing structures that come in interlocking shelf frame segments and posts and can be put together or disassembled with just a mallet. These shelving systems come with metal framework and wood shelves, can be purchased from home improvement suppliers and can be used in a wide variety of contexts, including utility rooms, workshops and commercial kitchens. Start with the bottom shelf. Connect shelving frame sections (front, back and sides) into the lowest brackets on the four corner shelving posts. Shelving posts have keyhole bracket holes and the frame sections have tabs that slide into these bracket holes. The shelving frame sections are L-shaped, with protruding lips for supporting the shelves. These sections fit onto the inside of the posts. Make sure the supporting lip is on the bottom and facing inward, to create an overall ledge for placing the shelves. Lightly tap the top edge of the bottom ... more
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