How Do You Assemble CD Cases At Home?

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1 Answer

If you are producing your own musical CD or DVD, you can save money by packaging the disc cases yourself instead of sending your CDs to a printing company. The process will involve some elbow grease and may result in a few sore fingers if you are packaging a large number of cases. Remove the CD cases from their packaging. Bulk orders may come with the cases in two pieces. Take the panel that holds the CD out of the case. Pull up the panel from one of the corners and it should pop free. Place any information or images you want to display in the back of the case (usually this is the track listing and producer credits). Place the CD holder back into place once you are done. Some cases do not allow you to remove the holder. In this case, you can't put any content inside the back panel. Connect the front of the CD case to the back. There are two plastic pieces that extend about 1/2 inch from the left side of the front case with small grooves on the outside. The bottom of the case has ... more
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