How Do You Attach A Curtain Rod To A Fiberglass Door?

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1 Answer

Attaching curtain rods to a fiberglass door is fairly easy, and can be done with common household tools. Fiberglass is a relatively soft material compared with metal, and can be drilled easily. When drilling into doors, it's important to mark the drill bit with some masking tape to prevent you from drilling through the entire door. Fiberglass is harder than wood, and will need pilot holes drilled before the screws are put in. If you don't have the tools necessary to complete this job, you can find them at your local hardware store. Step 1 Hold the curtain rod against the door in the general area you want to attach it. Measure from the top of the door down to the opposite ends of the curtain rod. When both ends of the curtain rod are at the same distance from the top of the door, the rod is level. Hold it in place. Step 2 Center the rod by measuring from both sides of the door to the opposite ends of the rod. When the distances are the same on both ends, the rod is centered. Hold it ... more
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