How Do You Attach Christmas Decorations To Brick Walls?

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1 Answer

Mount beautiful decorations this Christmas directly onto brick walls (and NO DRILLING REQUIRED.) Pick Mounting Points: Based on the weight and shape of your decoration, decide how many places and where you need the decoration attached to the brick wall. Use Clothes Pins to Fill each Mounting Point: Between the bricks are mortar joints that are recessed a bit. Break the clothes pins, as needed and "jam" these pieces of wood (tightly!) into the mortar joint at each mounting point. You may need to tap the clothes pins lightly with a hammer --- be careful. Make the Mounting Wires: Take pieces of house wire 8-12" long (length depends on what you are mounting) and use needle-nose pliers to form a tight circle (about 1/8" diameter) on one end of each wire (one wire for each mounting point). Screw a wood screw into each circle, leaving the remainder of the wire dangling from the screw. Attach Mounting Wires: At each mounting point, screw the mounting wire (screw end) into the "jammed" ... more
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