How Do You Attach Tiger Cub Scout Uniform Patches?

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1 Answer

Tiger Cub Scouts are boys 7 years old or in first grade. As they collect badges for completing activities, the patches are sewn on their Cub Scout uniforms. Attaching patches to a Cub Scout uniform requires only a simple stitch that any parent can do, and a Tiger Cub Scout can proudly display his achievements on his uniform. Lay the Cub Scout uniform on a table and smooth it out. Lay the Cub Scout patches on the uniform in their appropriate locations. The Cub Scout handbook and uniform inspection sheet provide placement details. Place a piece of masking tape across the patch or put a safety pin through the middle of the badge to secure it to the uniform. Cut an 18-inch long piece of thread and thread it through the eye of the needle. Tie a knot at the bottom of one side of the thread. Push the needle through the backside edge of the patch from inside the Tiger Cub Scout uniform. Pull the needle and thread through the top side of the badge until the knot in the thread is securely ... more
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