How Do You Attract Wild Turkeys To A Yard?

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1 Answer

Attracting wild turkeys to a yard is fairly simple, if you make your yard hospitable to the animals. Turkeys generally like to roost in tall trees, away from the ground. However, they enjoy mating and eating out in open areas. Therefore, you need to have a variety of wooded or brushy areas and open areas in order for wild turkeys to have an interest in living in your yard. Create a living space that wild turkeys will enjoy. Wild turkeys like open space for mating and eating, so ensure there is plenty of open space in your yard that can be filled with items wild turkeys enjoy eating, including fruit, vegetables, birdseed, nuts, insects and roots. Turkeys are foragers, so they enjoy pecking around to find food. Therefore, you can sprinkle your yard with birdseed, grow trees that produce nuts, and grow fruits and vegetables that turkeys enjoy eating. Ensure your yard has flowing water, or water that is frequently changed. No animal enjoys drinking stale water, and a wild turkey is no ... more
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