How Do You Attract Wrens To A Garden?

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1 Answer

Wrens are clever, inquisitive little brown birds that are easily identifiable by the white stripe behind their eyes and their upright tails. Wrens are a welcome addition to any bird lover's garden because they eat insects and because of their beautiful, cheery song filled with long trills and whistles. Here are some tips to help make your garden more attractive to wrens. Feed them. While wrens eat mostly insects, they also like bread crumbs, peanut butter, suet and chopped apples. Keep your feeders stocked with these kinds of goodies to encourage wrens to visit your garden. Build a wren house. Wrens like to nest in cavities and have also been known to roost in sheds, light fixtures, deep vines and other outbuildings. You can purchase a bird house that replicates their natural nesting inclination from a wild bird store or build one yourself. A good wren house should be 8 inches long with a 1 1/8 inch entrance hole to keep out sparrows and larger birds. Place the house about 6-10 feet ... more
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