How Do You Audition For A Soap Opera?

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1 Answer

So you want to be a soap opera star? There is something special and alluring about the beauty and drama of daytime television. The daytime Emmy Award special may always make your heart melt with the glamour and awards bestowed upon your favorite television stars. Perhaps you want to use a soap opera as a connecting train to higher stardom. Many famous actors started out on soap operas. Meg Ryan, John Stamos and Tom Selleck all have a soap opera to thank for giving them a leg up in show business. Here is how you can audition for that perfect soap opera role. Send in your head shot to the casting director for the soap opera of your choice. Make sure to attach a resume to the back that is the perfect fit. It should be stapled neatly, and it should be looked over for perfection. A sloppy head shot is not a good sign for one receiving hundreds per day. If possible, have an agent or entertainment lawyer submit your photograph for you. Send another head shot as early as one month after you ... more
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