How Do You Be An ASE Mechanic Without A High School Diploma?

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1 Answer

An ASE mechanic is a mechanic that has been certified through the Automotive Service Excellence corporation. You can become an ASE mechanic in several ways, even if you don't have a high school diploma. While it might be important to have your high school diploma to get jobs in other fields or to go to other schools, a mechanic's job is one best learned on site. Even if you do not have a diploma, you can excel at this type of job and become certified. Look up mechanic jobs that are currently available and pay attention to those jobs that are ASE certified or the companies that are ASE certified that are offering jobs. Fill out the job application but under "education," write that you have special circumstances and would like to talk to someone at the job site about them. Explain to the person who is doing the hiring why it is that you do not have a high school diploma. Then discuss how you are able to understand the various procedures that are necessary as a mechanic. Explain that ... more
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