How Do You Become A Game Warden In Tennessee?

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1 Answer

Game wardens are an integral part of protecting fishing and wildlife laws in America. Many states have lowered their standards in hiring game wardens, such as Connecticut dropping its degree requirement. Tennessee however still adheres to its high standards. If you want to be an officer of the law while enjoying the great outdoors in a state that only accepts the best, then becoming a game warden in Tennessee is the way to go. Maintain a clean driving record. You must also obtain a valid Tennessee vehicular operating license (driver's license). Obtain a degree in wildlife or fish management. You may also obtain a degree in biological sciences, agricultural sciences, forestry, zoology, or a closely related field. If you choose this route however, you must have at least 20 semester hours of fisheries or wildlife related courses. Keep in shape and healthy. There are various physical qualifications necessary to become a wildlife officer (game warden). These qualifications include being ... more
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