How Do You Become A Meter Maid?

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1 Answer

Meter maid is the colloquial term for a parking-enforcement officer. Parking-enforcement officers search for parking violations by foot, scooter, bicycle or other vehicle. Parking-enforcement officers may patrol during the day or night and work independently. To become a meter maid, you need a high-school diploma or the equivalent and a passing score on the civil-service exam. Step 1 Call your municipal human-resources office and ask about regulations for parking-enforcement officers. Most states and cities require meter maids to have passed the law-enforcement civil-service exam, though some areas may have different requirements. Sign up to take the law-enforcement civic-service exam in your community. Step 2 Study for the civil-service exam. Subjects covered include customer service, statistics, arithmetic, logic and vocabulary. There will be law-enforcement-related questions as well. Purchase a civil-service-exam study guide at your local bookstore. Take the test. Step 3 Contact ... more
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