How Do You Become A Pop Culture Expert?

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Pop culture references abound in literature, television, movies, and magazines. Gain a little pop culture knowledge and you can make small talk with anybody because by its very nature, there is some subject in pop culture that someone will be interested in discussing. You can learn about pop culture in two ways: being there or by reading about it. Being there is preferable but if you live in a small town, it might not be as easy. So first if you want to do it by actually living it you will have to move to Los Angeles or New York City. If you can't move there try Boston, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin Texas, Portland Oregon, Baltimore or Washington D.C. Living in a big city will give you the opportunity to go see live music shows on a daily or weekly basis. You will also be able to see first-run shows on Broadway or off-Broadway or movie premiers. Go to contemporary museums and art galleries to discover new and upcoming artists. Be a part of the community for arts ... more
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