How Do You Become A Stage Designer?

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Stage designers create scenes based on the time, place, setting and mood of a play, film or TV show. They are responsible for the stage construction, costume creation and the use of props that are involved in a production. Follow these steps to begin designing your career as a stage designer. Step 1 Research the career to learn whether it appeals to you. Sites such as College Board or the Princeton Review give information about the typical workload of a stage designer. Step 2 Study theater-related courses at a college or design institute. Focus on courses in art, art history, technical drawing and computer-assisted drafting. Theater production classes can get you started in hands-on training, and shop classes are also helpful for building and painting sets and props. These courses usually lead to a degree in theater or fine arts. Step 3 Train in stage design. Start small by working in school productions or local community theater, then work your way up to Broadway or Hollywood. Gain ... more
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