How Do You Become A Subcontractor For Direct TV?

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1 Answer

If you interested in a career as a satellite installer or satellite technician and want to get in the business of installing and servicing DIRECTV satellite systems, you need to understand that you will not be an employee with DIRECTV. Installers and service technicians are subcontractors working with independent companies in their local areas. DIRECTV works with companies who handle residential and commercial installation and servicing of their equipment. As a subcontractor, you will either work on residential accounts installing and servicing the equipment in customer homes, or you will work on commercial accounts, such as apartment complexes, condominiums, and businesses. Step 1 Fill out the online job application on DIRECTV's website, if you are interested in working as a subcontractor on residential accounts, and submit your information for a local representative to contact you. If you would prefer to work on commercial accounts or speak to someone immediately, go to Step 2. ... more
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