How Do You Become A UFO Hunter?

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1 Answer

The serious study of paranormal activity (UFOs) requires time, considerable effort, financial resources and vast research. If you are willing to travel, put in long hours of study and observation than this might be an activity that you could enjoy. • Allow yourself the time to research before you start looking. Many UFO hunters don't start for a few years due to planning and learning. Visit different libraries and planetariums to start your research. You will need to learn: • know how to read petroglyphs and read about ancient cultures • read star maps • meteorology • learn aircraft types • memorize the constellations, planets,etc. • Understand that your finances need to be in order. There is costly equipment to purchase.You may need to take a second job or have a very understanding boss. Shop for different detectors such as high quality video cameras, binoculars, telescopes, maps, lap tops, night vision/thermal imaging machines, etc,. Do your research on this equipment. more
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