How Do You Become An Approved Vendor For GSA?

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1 Answer

The General Services Administration (GSA) is responsible for making purchases for the United States government. If you have products to sell, you have a good potential buyer in the government through the GSA. Before acquiring the official contract, however, you need to go through the steps to become an approved GSA vendor. Once these steps are completed, you are on your way to working with the GSA as a new customer to your business--and this customer just happens to be one of the biggest in the world. Step 1 Attend one of the GSA-approved conferences. The "Pathway to Success" seminar is provided for vendor training and offers potential vendors a variety of useful information to prepare for becoming a GSA vendor. Step 2 Research the competition, within the bounds of the GSA vendor rules. Obviously, there are ethical and unethical means of acquiring information about the competing companies. Pay close attention to the legitimate means of researching the details of the competition, and ... more
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