How Do You Become An Audiologist Technician?

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1 Answer

Audiologist technicians or assistants aid audiologists in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders. While there are no universal qualifications to become an audiologist technician, there are several steps that you can take to become an audiologist assistant. Training can vary from on-the-job training to the completion of formal education programs that provides you with foundational knowledge in fields related to audiology. According to Payscal, the average annual pay for audiologist technicians was between $26,039 and $38,951, as of November 2010. Call to inquire about what kind of requirements local audiologists may have for hiring assistants. If you plan on working in the area where you live, inquire about what type of training they may provide or require before they will hire an assistant. Obtain an associate degree in a field related to audiology. A bachelor's degree is not necessary to work as an audiologist technician, but an associate degree in speech and hearing ... more
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