How Do You Bid For A Residential Electrical Job?

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1 Answer

Residential electrical jobs are sometimes difficult to bid. While the diagram says one thing, the wiring within the home might be something entirely different. There are many restrictions on and guidelines for residential wiring and electricity. But, you can ensure a pretty accurate bid by completing a walk-through on the job site, figuring a correct material take-off and including true expenses associated with the job. Follow these tips and your bidding for a residential electrical job will be easier. If you have not worked with your potential customer before, get credit references from him. Ask him for references from his bank. Feel free to contact the banker for information about her relationship with your potential customer. Knowing if your customer has bad credit before you make the bid is extremely helpful and will save you time in the long run. Having a slow-paying or a non-paying customer is not going to help your business profit. Determine if the job will make your business ... more
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