How Do You Bid For Roofing Jobs?

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1 Answer

Successful bidding is crucial to the success of any business, and roofing is no exception. Fortunately, most roofing jobs are straightforward and don't provide many surprises. Once you understand the bidding formula for roofing, you can stop worrying about forgetting anything and start looking for more roofing jobs on which to bid. Start with dimensions. You'll need to know many feet of ridge, eaves and rake the roof has. Also figure the square footage of the roof and note how many vent stacks penetrate the roof. Last, check the condition of any flashing where the roof deck meets any vertical surface, such as walls or chimneys. Check with your roofing material supplier for current pricing and the sales tax rate. They should give you per square pricing for shingles, per roll pricing for roofing felt, per bundle pricing for ridge cap and starter strips, and per item pricing for flashing-in 10-feet pieces-and vent boots. Next multiply the quantity needed, based on the measurements taken ... more
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