How Do You Block A Monologue For An Acting Audition?

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1 Answer

If what you’re saying doesn’t jive with what you’re doing during an audition, then you’re not believable and you’re not going to get the part. Actions speak louder than words, as they say, so here are some tips on how to block a monologue for an acting audition. Read in its entirety the piece from which you’ve taken the monologue. It’s critical that you understand what the character has been going through–and what she’s felt–up to the point in her life that you will be interpreting. It’s in that emotional place (and posture) that you want to start. Memorize the monologue and practice delivering it to an acting partner so that you can react to his reactions instead of “reactions” you’re imagining coming from the wall. Do not “think” about blocking during this process. However, do make note of the body movements and facial expressions that naturally develop. You may even ask your acting partner to make note of any movements or expressions that were especially effective. Go through your ... more
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