How Do You Braid An Upside Down French Braid?

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1 Answer

Are you learning how to braid? A french braid is the basis of many braid hair styles. An upside-down french braid adds depth and detail to any updo, whether it's for the prom or bridal hair. Learn how to make an upside down french braid, and you'll be on your way to creating braid hair styles today. Shampoo and condition the hair thoroughly. Because this french braid will be worked upside down, it might be beneficial to rinse the hair upside down to prevent tangling. This can be done by leaning over the sink or the side of the bathtub. Find a comfortable position to work on the client's head, A massage chair is effective for proper positioning, as is a straight backed chair. If you're using a massage table, have the client lay on her stomach with her chin down, past the outside edge of the table. If you're working the french braid on your own head, it's easiest to sit down on the couch or on a chair and lean forward. This will take considerable amount of practice and might be easier ... more
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