How Do You Build A Bakers Rack?

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A baker's rack is every kitchen's desire. Their range of designs is wide and varied. However, building your own baker's rack will help you succeed in not only adding to the décor of the kitchen, but adding your personality to it as well. Choosing plywood over lumber will help speed the process of building your very own baker's rack along. Place the 24-by-20-inch plywood (top) on a worktable along with all of the 11-inch wide plywood. Place the two 11-by-40-inch pieces (top section sides) so that their long edges are touching. Measure from one end and make marks at 12½, 13¼, 25¾ and 26½ inches. Place the framing square on the marks and draw lines across the narrow width of the plywood. Apply glue to the 11-inch edges of the 22½-by-11-inch pieces (the shelves) and place them on the lines between the two top section sides and one at the top. Secure the shelves to the top section sides with the 4D finish nails. Clean up excess glue immediately with a damp cloth. Apply glue to the ¾-inch ... more
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