How Do You Build A Brick Mailbox Enclosure?

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1 Answer

A brick mailbox has the ability to make any home look more elegant. This project doesn't require any special masonry skills, but it does require attention to detail and a little planning ahead to figure out how you want your mailbox to look once finished. To excavate a square hole where the mailbox is to go, place a stake at each corner to make a perfect square. The square needs to be slightly wider than your mailbox. Dig out the square in the center at least 8" deep. Pack down the dirt with your trowel to ensure it's level. Prepare your cement and pour into the hole until it reaches ground level. Allow the cement to cure. Read the cement instructions to know how long this should be. It could be anywhere from 24 hours to one week. Check that your square is level. You may need to add more cement if it's not level. Build the central core of the mailbox from the concrete blocks. Place two concrete blocks in the center of the square, side-by-side, the solid edges facing out. Trace around ... more
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