How Do You Build A Cinder Block Fire Pit?

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1 Answer

Building a cinder block fire pit is a practical way to construct a fire pit in a yard. The cinder blocks contain the fire and keep layers of gravel, lava rock and wood from spilling out. Cinder block is a cost-effective building material that produces a stable wall around the fire pit and provides adequate support for any decorative stone used on the sides and on top of it. Check state and local regulations regarding backyard fire pits and incorporate any legal requirements such as set-backs and screening into the fire pit's placement and design. Decide where to build the cinder block fire pit. It should be an appropriate distance from all structures, wooden fences and trees and within reach of a garden hose. Use landscape paint to mark a circle four feet in diameter. Use a shovel to dig out the turf and soil on the inside of the four-foot circle to a depth of one foot, then place cinder blocks end to end, corners touching, holes facing up, around the perimeter of the dug out area. ... more
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