How Do You Build A Concrete Block Fence?

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1 Answer

A concrete block fence is sturdy and durable. Concrete block comes in a variety of sizes and patterns, so a fence needn't be unattractive and ungainly. Some blocks have specific uses, like corner pieces. Building a block fence takes several days because the footer needs to fully dry before the wall can be built, but a beginner can build a concrete block fence with patience and the right tools. The process is physically demanding but straightforward. Estimate how many blocks you'll need by dividing the length of the block into the length of the wall and multiplying by the number of runs, or layers, you'll build. Include estimates for corner blocks if you're using them. Build a frame from 2x4s and wooden stakes to pour concrete into for the footing. It should be both twice as wide and twice as deep as the thickness of the wall. Use a level to make sure the concrete form is even and adjust if needed. Pour the footing. Fill the frame with concrete and drag a board across the top to even ... more
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