How Do You Build A Deck On An Aluminum Boat?

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1 Answer

Many people fish from small aluminum boats. These boats last for years, are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Some of these people want a casting platform like they see in bass boats. This type of deck can be added to a small aluminum boat with materials easily purchased from most home stores. Most aluminum boat owners can build a deck like this in a weekend. Remove the boat from the water with a trailer. Chock the trailer wheels. Thoroughly clean the boat and remove all equipment and accessories. Determine where the aluminum angle irons will be attached on the sides of the boat. These angle irons will hold the plywood deck. Use the measuring tape to measure this area. Choose an area on each side of the boat with no existing seats or braces. Use the carpenters level and a marking pen to mark a level line along each side of the boat where the angle irons will rest. Put on protective gloves. Cut two pieces of the 1-inch aluminum angle iron to the length of these lines using a hacksaw. ... more
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