How Do You Build A Flagstone Walkway On A Hill?

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1 Answer

Natural stone is a great way to landscape a hillside. As a natural stone, flagstone offers a smooth texture that makes it a good choice for a walkway. The biggest challenge you will face is the slope of the hill. However, regardless of the slope, keep the grade of the area you dig for the walkway as flat as possible. Place several flagstones on the grass to determine the desired width of your walkway. Because the shape of flagstone varies, turn the flagstone so that the shapes complement each other. Spray the grass where the walkway will be built with marking paint. Keep the paint inside the area to be dug so it will disappear when you dig out the area of the walkway. Dig the shape of the walkway with a sharp pointed shovel. Dig down about 6 to 8 inches to allow for the rock base, which is the foundation of the walkway and allows for drainage. This also is a good time to install a separate border for the flagstone walkway. The border can be made using concrete or landscape timbers or ... more
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