How Do You Build A Free Homemade FM Antenna For Radio Signals?

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1 Answer

Listening to FM radio requires a properly constructed antenna for achieving the maximum signal strength for your FM radio receiver. Although many people are able to make due with something as simple as a length of coat hanger, such an attempt isn't truly a "tuned" antenna that is designed to receive FM signals in the most efficient manner. Thanks to one of the many Low-Power FM stations in the United States, WRYR-LP, an extremely well-tuned and accurate FM antenna plan is now freely available and enjoys a wide circulation on the Internet. Though most parts can be purchased, the antenna may be built for absolutely nothing provided you are willing to do a little extra woodwork and a small portion of time scouting. Obtain a free copy of the WRYR-LP antenna plan circulating on the Internet. The plan provides detailed information on how to properly tune the antenna to your own listening requirements, rather than a "one-size fits all" approach. The plan is in PDF format and may be found ... more
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