How Do You Build A Garden Pagoda?

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1 Answer

Garden pagodas can be used as trellises for a vine garden and can also be used to provide shade for family gatherings or for shade plants, depending on the type of covering used. Several types of wood can be used, depending on the look you are going for. For a bare wood look, use hardwood, such as oak, as it takes longer to decompose. If you are going to stain or paint the pagoda, you can use a softer wood, such as pine. Determine the size of the pagoda. Each corner uses a 4-by 4-inch post (four posts, total). For a large pagoda, place a mark for a post every 6 feet. If the pagoda is 8 feet by 6 feet, mark out the four corner posts, then place a mark in the center of the two posts on the 8-foot side (for a total of six posts). Dig the holes to a depth of 3 feet. Set the posts in the holes. Put 8 to 12 inches of scrap stone (broken concrete, rocks, broken pavers) in the bottom of the hole to help hold the post upright. Run the string across the top of the posts (hold it on with a ... more
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