How Do You Build A Homemade Remote Control Car?

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1 Answer

Remote control cars are extremely entertaining and are one of the most popular toys in the world. Many enthusiasts build their own remote control cars so they can customize the engine, steering capabilities and other features. Building a remote control car at home can be challenging but also very rewarding. This article provides detailed instructions on how to build your own remote control car. Make sure the remote control car kit includes two axles, four tires and the housing for the handheld remote control device, which will be used to control the car. Clamp the two axles to the rectangular steel plate. Make sure that the front axle is the one with the pivoting ends, which steers the car. Screw the clamps into place around the axles. Cover the ends of the axles with powdered graphite, and insert the tires onto the axles. Hold the tires in place by screwing washers onto the ends of the axles with the adjustable wrench. Bolt the two-way radio frequency electrical motor to the ... more
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