How Do You Build A Metal Smelter?

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1 Answer

With a few basic welding and cutting skills and careful attention to some safety precautions, you can build a backyard metal smelter. Once built, you will be able to melt just about any type of metal. This design is specifically for smelting iron ore, which requires an intense heat to cause the iron to separate into a workable bloom, but if you research the specific melting temperature of other metals you can purchase the correct crucibles to be used with this metal smelter. Stand your water heater up in an open and well ventilated place. Make sure it is stable and that you can open the bottom vent to the heater without causing it to tip. Weld supports to the outside of the heater if necessary. If your water heater does not have an opening that will fit your tuyere (a pipe or fitting designed to withstand the heat of the fire while allowing air to be introduced to the smelter) about half way up the body of the heater, use your propane torch to cut a hole in the heater. Insert your ... more
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