How Do You Build A Model House For A School Project?

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1 Answer

School projects help children to learn through hands-on experiences. Children learn best when the project is meaningful to their lives. When a child can use their imagination to build the project, it becomes even more meaningful to them. Building model houses can be incorporated into math lessons, geography lessons, science, social studies and community living. Building model houses can be done as a group project or an individual project. This must be decided before you give out the assignment instructions. Lay the shoebox with the long side down. The opening will face you so you can see inside the box. Decide which room you are working on. Locate where you want your room elements to be located. You may need a door to go outside, windows and doors to go from room to room. Mark these with your pencil. Cut the doors open on the top, bottom and one side. The other side will be left so it will be a working door. Cut the windows out all the way around. Color boxes and place them in the ... more
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