How Do You Build A Model Japanese House Out Of Matchsticks?

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1 Answer

The elegant simplicity of a Japanese house's design lends itself as a good concept for any matchstick craftsman. Matchstick houses only require a few tools, but the result may put a smile on the face of even the harshest craft critic. Start off by finding an image of a Japanese house that inspires you. Cut off the sulfur ends of your matches. You may also want to scrape the sulfur. Removing the sulfur will give you an even piece of building material. Draw or print an image of the Japanese house design you want to build. Place the image in plain view while you are building. Lay down a piece of cardboard or wood as your base. This will prevent glue from leaking onto your table top. You may also choose to attach the house to your base for added support. Build the house from the ground up. The rooms in traditional Japanese homes are usually simple rectangles. To make a larger room in the house you may attach two matches together using the bicycle valve tube. Create a flexible joint using ... more
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