How Do You Build A Model Of An Animal Cell Using A Shoebox?

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1 Answer

Children learn better if they can see and touch what they learn about, especially when it comes to the minute workings of biology. You may draw diagrams of cells and describe how the cell operates, but a good way to augment these lessons is to have the children make a model of the cells themselves. A three-dimensional representation would help the children remember better. They could recall forming the different parts from different materials and placing them together, cementing the image in their minds. Find a relatively large shoebox. A box that held boots or sneakers will work fine. Narrow boxes for high heels and tennis shoes would work, too, but will be harder to fit everything into. Empty and dust the box. Paint the outside of the box red to represent the cell wall and the inside white to represent the cytoplasm. Allow the box to dry while you make the other parts of the cell. Roll out a flat sheet of purple clay about four inches square and another of pink clay. Lay the pink ... more
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