How Do You Build A Palm Frond Roof?

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1 Answer

Thatched palm roofs can last over ten years before needing repairs when properly maintained. Durable, "green" and waterproof, they provide a tropical feel to any outdoor building. They are widely used in outdoor bars and gazebos. Sitting under a thatched palm roof on a hot summer day will keep you cool and out of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. The best palm fronds to use to construct your thatched palm roof come from the aptly-named thatch palm. Fronds from the cabbage palm and huano palm also work well. An 8 foot-by-4 foot roof requires 300 to 400 palm fronds. If your roof is larger, collect more fronds. Split the fronds down the spines. Start on the large end using a large knife. Pound a metal pole into the ground and use that as an aid to split the frond down the entire length of the spine. Make two piles of fronds--one for the right-sided fronds and one for the left-sided fronds. Tie right-sided fronds to the roof structure using natural-colored rope or twine. Starting at ... more
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