How Do You Build A Pueblo For School Art Project?

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1 Answer

Many tribes of the American Southwest have traditionally lived in squarish, flat-roofed pueblos of adobe, sand and clay, and it is not uncommon for American schoolchildren to build models of these dwellings. Fortunately, they need not wait hours for adobe bricks to dry in the sun--cardboard, modeling clay, glue and sticks make good substitutes for this project. Find a picture of a pueblo to model. A simple square home is the easiest to create. Shape your shoe box, the skeleton of your pueblo. The flat bottom of the box is the roof. Use a utility knife or scissors to cut a door and windows on the sides of the box. Punch six small holes in a horizontal row at the top of the house to make room for the "logs" that protrude from the top. Cover the entire outside of the box with modeling clay except for the windows, doors and holes. Smooth the clay and remove fingerprints by pressing gently with a flat object like a spatula or small book. Add additional details, like cracks, by inserting ... more
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