How Do You Build A Rustic Wood Fence?

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1 Answer

Building a rustic wood fence is a good way to visually define an area such as a yard or garden. In some cases, the fence may be intended to keep animals out or in, and in other cases they just may be for aesthetic reasons. Cedar, because of its natural resistance to rot, is a good wood for outdoor fences. Rustic fences are technologically simple to erect, but the process requires extensive physical activity, especially when digging the post holes and installing the posts. Plan the path of your fence. Use a pencil and graph paper to make a scale drawing. Mark the location of the post holes on your fence path. The distance between the posts should not be more than 6 feet or the structural integrity of the fence may be compromised. Dig your first post hole using your post hole digger and shovel. Your posts should be set 3 feet deep, so dig the holes at least 3 feet deep. If you use 8-foot fence posts, this will make your fence 5 feet tall. Mark the 3-foot mark on the post with a pencil ... more
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