How Do You Build A Skyscraper Model With Cardboard?

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1 Answer

Making a skyscraper model out of cardboard can be a fun activity to do for school or at home. You can make your model to stand alone or as part of a model city with other cardboard buildings. Discovering the steps you need to take to make a cardboard skyscraper model can help get this creative craft project started and help you create your very own skyscraper to enjoy. Tape your medium and large boxes closed on all sides using paper packing tape. Make sure to smooth tape down gently so that it doesn’t get wrinkles, as you don’t want wrinkles to be seen on your finished product. Apply hot glue to the edges of the bottom side of your medium-sized box and stack it on top of your larger box. Press down firmly and allow glue to dry completely in order to adhere well. Cut off the sides of your shoebox lid, and tape the remaining piece to the open side of your shoebox with packing tape. You want the look of a smooth rectangular box. Again apply tape with gentle strokes to prevent wrinkles. ... more
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