How Do You Build A Sloped Roof?

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1 Answer

A sloped roof is a great way to prevent water from puddling on your roof. Rain and snow which tend to congregate on flat roofs, runs off a sloped roof keeping the lifespan of the roof and appearance intact. For those who have a flat roof and are concerned about leaking and rotting, building a sloped roof over the flat roof is an option. For homeowners looking to add roofing to a new construction or an addition, a sloped roof is the way to go. Raise the laminated veneer ridge beam onto the gable ends. Ridge beams are great because they are one big piece of lumber. You don't have to attach smaller pieces of lumber together to span the length of the roof. The gable ends, which are used as the beam support, provide the higher pitch which gives you the sloped roof you desire. The height of the gables determine the pitch of your slope. Using 20 foot 2 by 10s for the rafters; mark each one with a ridge cut at the top, and a crowe's foot at the bottom. Position each rafter to both sides of ... more
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