How Do You Build A Trellis For Black Raspberries?

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1 Answer

The black raspberry is a perennial plant from the rose family that will produce abundant fruit if properly planted and trellised. The canes can grow up to eight feet, so a trellis will help to keep the berries off the ground, and will make them easier to pick. According to David T. Handley at the University of Maine, if you are planting more than one bush, the "T" trellis is effective at training the canes to grow horizontally. Each of the two finished "T" posts will measure 6 feet tall and 3.5 feet wide. Cut 6 inches off the pointed end of each 4-foot stake, using a wood saw. These 3 1/2-foot posts will form the cross pieces of each "T" post. Lay a 6-foot stake on the ground. Lay one 3 1/2-foot cross piece over the 6-foot stake, at a distance of 5 1/2 feet from the pointed end, forming a "T." Center the cross piece. Attach the 3 1/2-foot cross piece to the 6-foot stake, using three nails and a hammer. Repeat for the second "T" post. Dig a hole, 2 feet deep, at each end of the row, ... more
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