How Do You Build A Vibrating Rock Tumbler?

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1 Answer

Building your own vibrating rock tumbler can be a fun and educational activity for you and your children. It can also be cheaper than purchasing a new rock tumbler at the store. Vibrating rock tumblers bought in some stores can cost up to $200. Take a heavy piece of wood or metal and place it on the table or workbench where you plan to operate your rock tumbler. This should be a sturdy area and the wood or metal platform should sit evenly. It can be as large as you need - but at the least should be 1 foot long by 1 foot wide. Mount the wheels and pulleys on top of the baseboard using the mounting brackets. Depending on the size of your rotary motor, you will need several sets of wheels and pulleys to hold both the motor and the jar in place. Mount the metal or plastic jar on top of the wheels and pulleys so that it is firmly in place.The jar should rest between the wheels comfortably and be sitting a few inches above the baseboard. Mount the small rotary motor and drive belt on the ... more
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