How Do You Build A Wooden Cattle Gate?

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Wooden gates serve several functions on a cattle ranch, such as blocking roads, connecting pastures, and controlling pens and chutes. Cattle are rough on gates as they push against them or use them for scratching posts, but wooden gates hold up well when they are constructed solidly. If a gate is going to span an area longer than 12 feet, a double gate that meets in the middle works better than a single long gate. A single gate is adequate for a span of 10 to 12 feet, with 10-foot gates being the most common size. Cut one of the 10-foot boards in half to make two 5-foot pieces. Lay the 5-foot pieces on the ground parallel to each other 10 feet apart. Lay a 10-foot board horizontally across the top ends of the vertical 5-foot pieces and square both corners. Lay a second 10-foot board across the bottom ends of the 5-foot pieces and square the ends to form a rectangle, with the horizontal boards on top of the vertical boards. Measure between the horizontal boards and lay two more 10 ... more
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