How Do You Build A Wooden Ice Chest?

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1 Answer

A wooden ice chest is an old-fashioned replica that can still be used today and is more interesting looking than the plastic or metal ice chests that are commonly sold today. You can make your own wooden ice chest, but to reduce the probability of it leaking or cracking over time, you'll have to include the conveniences of a modern fixture while maintaining a classic, rustic appearance. Outline a specific design for the new wooden chest. Locate an old plastic or metal-framed ice chest to reuse as the new foundation. Select a model large enough that will fulfill the needs of the newly constructed chest. Unscrew the top of the chest off from the hinges and lay it aside. Measure the dimensions of the chest so you will know how much wood to purchase. Buy hardwood (use weather-treated wood if the ice chest will be left outside) and cut it to a desired length with a table saw. Attach the wood around the chest, enclosing the frame fully. Use a combination of wood glue and screws to secure ... more
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