How Do You Build An Igloo Roof?

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1 Answer

Built out of blocks of snow in temperatures below freezing, a well-made igloo will provide snug, warm protection from the elements. An igloo 6 foot in diameter will be reasonably comfortable for two to three people. A small candle or lamp will provided heat and light for the interior of the structure. Igloos are well soundproofed. They can be quiet, restful structures to erect. Depending on experience, on average, an igloo can take 3 to 6 hours for two people to construct. Construct the walls of the igloo. It seems obvious, but before you can build the dome or roof of the igloo, the walls of the structure have to be constructed. The igloo walls are formed in a circle, and the snow blocks are layered one on top of another sloping upwards. For in-depth instructions on constructing the walls, see Resources. The How to Build You Own Igloo article gives directions for a survival igloo if you are trapped in the snow. The Winter Camping igloo would be a great backyard project to build with ... more
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