How Do You Build An Indoor Koi Pond?

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1 Answer

Building an indoor koi pond is a great way to bring the outdoors in, and is a beautiful, serene addition to your home. They are also great places to keep koi during harsh winters. Koi ponds take a lot of work, though, and you should invest some time and research into building and maintaining a pond before you decide to go for it. Choose an area that gets plenty of natural light, or you might find you have less-vibrantly colored koi and struggling plants. Alternatively, halide lights can add artificial light that will help your pond thrive. Place your pond near a window, door or sink for easier maintenance. You'll likely have to replace some of the water in the pond often, like in an aquarium. Check your floor for any weak spots before building. Once filled with water, your pond will be very heavy. Many people choose to put their pond next to a study wall. Build a custom pond using a rubber or PVC liner such as those sold at Tse Koi (see Resources below). Koi do best in ponds that are ... more
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