How Do You Build Crappie Attractors Using PVC Pipe?

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1 Answer

Crappie are an extremely popular game fish in the United States. Crappie live in lakes and rivers in the 48 contiguous states. These fish dine on insects, crustaceans and smaller fish. One way fishermen increase their catch is to provide habitat that will attract crappie. Some fishermen sink old Christmas trees or build beds made out of wooden stakes. Other fishermen build habitat from PVC. This habitat lasts longer and is easier to build than structures made from wood. Place the 4-inch diameter PVC section on a flat work area. Put on eye protection. Drill holes through points measured every 6 inches along the length of the 4-inch diameter PVC pipe using a 1-inch drill bit in the cordless drill. Directly on the opposite side of the 4-inch diameter PVC pipe, drill additional holes every 6 inches along the length of the pipe. Consider these holes as being on the north/south axis. Drill two additional sets of holes on the east/west axis along the entire length of the 4-inch PVC pipe. ... more
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