How Do You Burn A Candle Properly?

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1 Answer

Are your candles tunneling or is the wick burning down but the wax is building up? I have been manufacturing candles for over ten years and here is how to burn a candle properly so that you can enjoy them longer. This applies to pillar or container candles, made with either paraffin or soybean wax. * Be sure the wick is only 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch high before you light it. * Notice how wide the jar or pillar is. For every inch across, burn for one hour. So if it is a two-inch wide candle, you will need to burn it a minimum of 2 hours. If it is a four-inch candle, burn it 4 hours. With the triple wick candles, measure from one wick out to the side of the jar and double it to get your hours needed to burn. * After the minimum hours of burning, blow the wick out carefully, being sure to keep the wick straight and in the center of the jar or wax area as the wax hardens. This is especially true in a container jar candles. * If it is a container candle, the goal is to get an even "wet pool" ... more
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