How Do You Buy A Mans Belt?


If you need a finish to a man’s outfit, a belt or handkerchiefs for the pocket are ideal accessories to set it off. The problem that comes is that most men don’t know what their belt size is. In order to overcome the problem, there are a few steps to take before you buy a man’s belt. Step 1 Measure the waist for the person wearing the belt. You need to add 2 to 3 inches to the size when you buy a man’s belt. If the waist size is 34, get a 36 or 37 belt. When you buy a man’s belt, you want to make sure that the stem of the buckle fits in the middle hole. Step 2 Choose the appropriate color, matching the shoes and the belt to get a finished look. The shoes should go with the outfit. If you have a black suit, don’t buy a brown belt. Step 3 Make certain the belt isn’t more costly than the shoes. You need good quality in both, but if you pay a huge amount for the belt and wear shabby shoes, you still look bad. Get something that’s good quality with a comfortable price. Step 4 Purchase a lea