How Do You Buy A Riding Lawn Mower With No Credit?

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1 Answer

Buying a riding lawn mower without credit is easier than you might think. You can go to any rent-to-own store near you where it does not matter if you don't have credit or if you have bad credit. A rent-to-own store may not be the only place to purchase a riding lawn mower with no credit, but it is the easiest since they do not do a credit check. Once you go through all the steps to rent or lease your riding lawn mower, they will approve you. Step 1 Find a rent-to-own store near you. This can be any kind of store that will allow you to purchase new or pre-owned products from them with bad credit or no credit at all. These kinds of rent-to-own stores will let you rent or lease different types of things such as furniture, lawn mowers, computers, televisions and appliances. Step 2 Fill out the application. The application consists of your name, where you work, how much money you make and any references you have that can provide feedback on you. The references needed are people who know ... more
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